As-Built Plant Models

Our team of engineers and CAD designers specialise in the conversion of 3D scan data in highly accurate and detailed as-built CAD models

By nature, industrial process facilities are some of the most complex built environments in existence. Due to ongoing maintenance and expansion projects throughout the life of a facility this often results in existing design data bearing little to no resemblance to the as-built conditions. Utilising high-definition 3D laser scanning, Lester Franks team of engineering and surveying professionals provide expert consultation to overcome these inherent issues by developing comprehensive intelligent as-built models of industrial plant.

In developing an accurate as-built plant model, future brown-field developments can be executed with a high degree of confidence resulting in more efficient planning, design and costing through to project executions requiring less rework and fewer cost overruns.

  • Creation of both Non-intelligent (CAD) and Intelligent (data centric) as-built 3D models based on high definition 3D laser scanning surveys
  • Multi CAD platform support enable us to deliver in formats always fit for purpose to the client
  • Generation of high-end visualisations, panoramic imaging and facility walkthroughs.
  • Extraction of 2D as-built drawings, isometrics, P&ID’s, GA’s and structural layouts.